A shadow of a sprout

You have waited long, Imperial citizens, but the crew of the John Pym is back In The Hall of the Mountain Things, which finds Isambard Smith, Polly Carveth, Rhianna Mitchell and Suruk the Slayer getting a chilly welcome on their quest to civilise.

The good ship John Pym is on a Christmas goodwill visit to the planet Coldia, to offer it a dashed-good civilising. Join Suruk The Slayer as he ventures into the white wilderness, discovering the shocking fate of a Ghast warship, and a puzzlingly familiar civilisation with name he can't quite pin down. As Carveth is haunted by things that sprout and Rhianna gets implausibly pedantic, Smith just wants to plant his flag in a non-metaphorical way. Will the Tree of Christmas arrive, and who will bring it?

Find out by downloading In The Hall of the Mountain Things, by Toby Frost - and then feel free to pass it on to all your chums, especially if they are yet to discover the wonderful world of Space Captain Smith.

»In The Hall of the Mountain Things«

Another Space Captain Smith story for the Festive Season - click the title to download.


In The Hall of the Mountain Things is © Toby Frost 2015. It is provided free of charge for your enjoyment and to pass on to anyone that you think will also enjoy it, but please do not modify it in any way, nor host it yourself.