A note from the Royal Galactic Mail

It is perfectly possible to contact Toby Frost1, the creator of Space Captain Smith and, indeed he would welcome your thoughts, comments and, especially, orders warm wishes as he comes to terms with the awesomeness of being a published author (yes, it's been nine years and he still hasn't got his head around it).

However, his grasp of technology is so lacking (he still uses Hotmail, for heaven's sake) that he must rely on his trusty sidekick Ian Cundell to handle the tricky technical bits. Don't worry I will pass on anything especially amusing, interesting or threatening.

Simply click this link and the magic of the interweb thingy will do the rest. This is also the address if you want to grab review copies.

In the event that spambots harvest this address, it will be replaced so check back regularly. Bloody spammers. Being ejected out of the airlock is too good for them.

You can also leave messages and generally have a bit of a laugh at the Space Captain Smith Facebook group (if you want to participate, will need to register with Facebook (hasn't everybody?)).

We reserve the right to publish any email received.

Toby's agent, John Jarrold, can be contacted by clicking this link . Nifty, eh?

1. You cannot contact Isambard Smith, Polly Carveth, Suruk the Slayer, Rhianna Mitchell or any representatives of the British Space Empire, Ghast Empire or New Eden. They are fictional characters, so do not have email. Not even Hotmail.


Your are most welcome to join the Space Captain Smith Facebook Group


Now that Toby has finally learnt how to use a computer, it is more than worth your while to follow the good Captain on Twitter


Somehow the technophobe Toby has discovered Tumblr. Oddly, this seems appropriate. Enjoy

SFF Chronicles

The nice folk at SFF Chronicles have made a forum for Toby. Pop in and shoot the breeze.