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Many websites have inordinately complex terms of use. We don't: feel free to use the site to learn about Space Captain Smith, Toby Frost and any other stuff we put up here. But do so entirely at your own risk. We will not be held responsible if you die laughing, or through any other cause, or for that matter if you suffer any other loss or injury. It's the way of the British Space Empire, doncha know.

Boring legal bit

None of the material in this site, nor our sister site Smithipedia, is in any way official, not even Toby's pics and performance. It is uploaded with the consent of the creators, remains their copyright and may not be reproduced anywhere without their prior consent. You will find us quite accommodating, but with so many people looking to steal the creativity of others, we have to be firm on this. Sorry. I said it was boring.

At this point, it is probably worth pointing out that any tricky matters are governed by UK law.


Space Captain Smith, its plot, characters and any extracts are copyright 2007 Toby Frost and may not be reproduced in any form whatsoever without his written permission.

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A Game of Battleships, its plot, characters and any extracts are copyright 2013 Toby Frost and may not be reproduced in any form whatsoever without his written permission.

Space Captain Smith, God Emperor of Didcot, Wrath of the Lemming Men and A Game of Battleships are published by Myrmidon Books. No part of these publications may be reproduced in any form whatsoever without Myrmidon's written permission.

When Slay Bells Ring, The Celery and the Ivy and A Fairytale of New Dorchester, their plots, characters and any extracts are copyright 2009-2011 Toby Frost. You may distribute them freely, but may not modify them or alter them in any way, nor remove the copyright notices, nor host them on a web site or by any other means.

The Space Captain Smith website was designed by and is copyright to Ian Cundell. Links to the website are most welcome, but its content may not be reproduced without the consent of Ian Cundell (you will find me quite reasonable). Hosting is by Leenix.


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The Airfix(tm) website has had a thoroughly spiffing re-launch and, quite properly, features fine specimens of British genius and derring-do on the home page. Isambard Smith would most certainly approve. Airfix is owned by Hornby, who make fine train sets and racing car games. It is surely only a matter of time before they make replica John Pyms.

Haynes Manuals(tm): Look, there isn't a Sheffield Class starship yet, so please don't pester the nice people at Haynes Publishing. When Space Captain Smith becomes the global phenomenon it undoubtedly will, we are sure that Haynes will want to join the fun (or licence someone else to do so). Until then enjoy their most useful motor vehicle manuals (although the instruction on how to repair the door mirrors of a Ford Focus could be a little clearer).

There are almost certainly people we should have thanked, but have forgotten. If you are one of them, let us know and we will attend quicker than you can say "More tea?"

The Toby Frost Files

By day a mild-mannered representative of the UK legal system, by night a hard living, hard drinkin', whoring and gambling stereotype of a driven artist1, Toby Frost is everything a writer should be: thoughtful, articulate and incapable of retaining technical information for more than 5 seconds.

What's more he is that rare thing, a writer who actually got round to writing something. Sadly, nobody wanted to publish it, so he wrote something else.

The "something else" then sat in a kitchen cupboard in Newcastle-upon-Tyne for three months2 before being plucked from obscurity by Myrmidon Books, a fine and upstanding publisher if ever there was one. Thus was Space Captain Smith born.

1. Some of the foregoing may not be true.

2. But this bit is.

Oooooh! Toby now has his own official site!


If you want something more exciting than the boring legal stuff, may we be so bold as to recommend Toby's interview with SFX?

SFF Chronicles

And while on the subject of interviews, Toby recently had a lengthy chat with Teresa Edgerton of SFF Chronicles Including the laughable assertion that Toby is not at all like Smith. Enjoy

Stalking Meeting Toby

As noted above (or to the left, if you are looking at this on an iPad), Toby is a hard working, hard drinking stereotype of a writer. Although to a certain extent this is a big fib, it is true that Toby is that novel thing (novel, geddit?) a writer who actually remembers to write. He is working on a more Space Captain Smith and a decidedly not-Smith dark fantasy, currently seeking a publisher. In between all this he is, like most writers, having to earn a living - in Toby's case as a crack legal hack. Or a legal hack on crack, one of the two.

The upshot if this is that opportunities to meet his adoring public (or the Amazon reviewer who thought the books are silly and that this is, in a some way, a bad thing), are limited, but you never know where he might pop up. He will certainly put himself about a bit when a new book comes out. It is best to keep an eye on the Facebook Group