Social distancing for the psychologically uneven

In these troubled times, of the vast emptiness of space and the even vaster emptiness of pubs, the British Space Empire brings you a tale of crossing a tad more than two metres of endless void. For Zoom The Bell Tolls, finds Isambard Smith, Polly Carveth, Rhianna Mitchell and Suruk the Slayer rushing to bring joy to an old, and frankly not that stable, brother-in-arms.

Just as Polly gets the ship's Christmas tree how she likes it a message arrives. W has come out of retirement and needs our gallant crew to bring cheer to an old friend, ally and trouser denier. As Suruk begins his Advent Countdown, Polly thinks of ponies and Rhianna sparks yet another joint, can Smith get them focussed enough to find a filling station so they can bring a suspiciously delicate package to someone who will, otherwise, lay too many man traps on New Dundee?

Find out by downloading For Zoom The Bell Tolls, by Toby Frost - and then feel free to pass it on to all your chums, especially if they are yet to discover the wonderful world of Space Captain Smith.

»For Zoom The Bell Tolls«

Another Space Captain Smith story for the Festive Season - click the title to download.


For Zoom The Bell Tolls is © Toby Frost 2020. It is provided free of charge for your enjoyment and to pass on to anyone that you think will also enjoy it, but please do not modify it in any way, nor host it yourself.