Peace has broken out

By popular demand and no small amount of stalking, Toby Frost is delighted to present We Tree Kings, which finds Isambard Smith, Polly Carveth, Rhianna Mitchell and Suruk the Slayer realising that there is just one thing missing to celebrate Christmas in a time of peace.

Polly has more ponies than she knows what to do with, Smith is content and willing to make tea at the drop of a hat, Suruk is pondering the over-commercialised nature of Christmas, Rhianna is as a mellow as ever as she continues her lifelong quest for the perfect herbal remedy. But something, she notices, is lacking and there is only one thing to do.

The crew are going to have leave the ponies and glittersquid in the care of Rick Dreckett's droids, fire up the John Pym's engines and head to New Dundee to see renowned trouser avoider and lunatic Wainscott, on a world which may or may not have been misused by a genetics operation of questionable morals. What shocks await as Wainscott hoves into view? And what will the trees think?

Find out by downloading We Tree Kings, by Toby Frost - and then feel free to pass it on to all your chums, especially if they are yet to discover the wonderful world of Space Captain Smith.

»We Tree Kings«

Another Space Captain Smith story for the Festive Season - click the title to download.


We Tree Kings is © Toby Frost 2023. It is provided free of charge for your enjoyment and to pass on to anyone that you think will also enjoy it, but please do not modify it in any way, nor host it yourself.