What's it all about Smithy?


The British Space Empire is threatened by legions of bloodthirsty ant-men, religious lunatics and other rum types!

Captain Isambard Smith must rescue a psychic hippy maiden from her hippy world and bring her to the safety of the British Empire where her hippy truth will be revealed, or it will all go to hell in a space cart.

With only his trusty sidekicks - a blood thirsty alien with a literal take on life and a renegade android with a secret past and hit man on her tail - he must steer the good ship John Pym through all kinds of scrapes and adventures if disaster is to be averted.

Will our hero get the girl, or will the ghastly Ghast do unspeakable things to him?

Only one way to find out - brace yourself for a stirring tale of war, romance, tea and tiffin in Space Captain Smith.

Space Captin Smith